Avance Medical is the first company to develop fully automated systems to produce autologous bio-regenerative fibrin. We process the patient’s own blood during a surgical procedure in the operating room to produce a fibrin rich in clotting factors to stop bleeding. The fibrin also has anti-microbial properties especially effective against super bugs like MRSA being the major culprit for hospital acquired infections. Further the fibrin contains growth factors vital for regenerating connective tissues and facilitate wound homeostasis and healing. Avance is conducting a number of studies showing promising results in achieving these objectives.

Innovating Open-Heart Surgery

Eliminating Donor Blood Transfusions and Infections

  • Reducing blood loss
  • Reducing deep sternal infections
  • Reducing tissue regeneration and wound healing complications

Approximately 50% of all open-heart surgery patients around the world received a donor blood transfusion. Being foreign tissue material from another person the patients undergo varying degrees of rejection reaction as a result. This can be minor such as a small increase in body temperature extending the hospital stay or a major complication that can result in additional procedures or even death. The literature is clear: patients receiving a donor blood transfusion are 6x more likely to die, stay on average 3 days longer in hospital and cost on average 30% more. They are also at a 5x higher risk to contract a hospital acquired infection than those that don’t. The total cost of donor blood transfusion and related infection cost in both cardiac and orthopaedic surgery in Europe and the US alone is estimated at a staggering $13BLN annually.

The solution: Bio-Regenerative Fibrin

  • Stops bleeding to avoid transfusions
  • Kills bacteria to avoid infection
  • Regenerates tissues to optimize wound healing