Avance Medical specializes in the distribution, market-access, promotion and development of autologous bio-cellular technologies. Our focus lies in the harvesting, isolation, processing and combining of key autologous and allogeneic bio-regenerative components like fibrin, platelet leukocyte rich plasma, mesenchymal stem cell rich fractions, adipose tissue, growth factors and cytokines into clinical application-specific and tailored autologous bio-cellular therapies.

Avance medical is developing system platform technologies addressing a number of unmet clinical needs including:

  1. Reducing blood transfusions in surgery importantly cardiac open-heart and orthopaedic surgery
  2. Reducing superficial and deep (including nosocomial) infections in selected surgical applications importantly cardiac open-heart and orthopaedic surgery
  3. Improving tissue re-generation in broad applications including wound care, musculoskeletal and surgical applications
  4. Improving chronic and acute wound healing
  5. Improve fat graft volume retention for plastic & reconstructive applications