Avance and Ultrasonix Collaborate on Musculoskeletal Training

Avance is pleased to announce a collaboration with Ultrasonix for the training of Musculoskeletal ultrasound guided injections with PRP / Bone Marrow aspirate, etc. Ultrasonix is a leading developer of innovative Ultrasound technologies we feel are ideal for guided injection threapy for chronic and acute pain management on tendons / osteo-arthritis, etc. For more information on Ultrasonix visit http://www.ultrasonix.com/. Please also go to the Ultrasonix website to view MSK training videos from Dr. Randy Moore http://www.ultrasonix.com/blog/ultrasound-scan-shoulder or download Randy's book for free by registering here http://www.ultrasonix.com/a/musculoskeletal-ultrasound-handbook .