Ultrasound Masterclass

The first Masterclass Ultrasound Sonograpy is a fact!
Avance Medical is proud to say that the first masterclass for the Ultrasound in June was very succesfull. The course was deliverd with high degree of professionalism and new skills were learned, thanks to Dr. Randy E. Moore. All participants have been given a certificate for completing this course and have given very positive feedback.2

Keep track of all our newsletters, because the NEXT ULTRASOUND MASTERCLASS will be in September and we have only limited space.

G20 meeting - a great success !

Successful G20 Forum Held in Montreux

20 of the world’s leading plastic reconstructive surgeons and scientists in the field of stem cell, platelet rich plasma and regenerative medicine met in Montreux, Switzerland on 3rd and 4th of September 2012.

The meeting presented a rare opportunity to discuss the current state of knowledge in fat grafting technique and science including the role of cell assistance or regenerative properties of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and ADSC (adipose derived stem cells) among others within a highly interactive small but very senior group.

Notable conclusions, among other, of the meeting were:

  1. 1.Standardization of liposuction and grafting (lipo-filling) technique to achieve best-possible graft properties eliminating, as far as possible, high variation in success rates. Known as the Montreux technique representing best-in-class technique for optimal fat grafting results to be further researched and published by 8 centres in US and Eu.
  2. 2.Standardization of peri-operative graft predictability assays to research optimal physical, physiological and cell biology parameters of the fat graft to be included in above publications and form collaboration between stem cell biology laboratories and identified centres.
  3. 3.Establish a European wide registry for breast fat grafting coupled to similar initiative already underway in the US and linked to individual Eu country initiatives. A database will allow for comparison of techniques, increase volumes for large series publications and build necessary evidence required for future constructive dialog with regulatory bodies.

see more at www.G20regenerativeplasticsurgery.com

The G20 meeting was a great success and managed to establish a forum for circular discussion away from the formality of academic congresses required to engage in multi-disciplinary discussions to push forward the frontiers known today. The G20 group has the combined seniority to put ambition into action and move this field forward.

G20-Clinique-Montreux WEB

Are silicone implants history?

Are silicone breast implants history?

This is a question that 20 of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and cell biology and tissue engineering researchers are debating in these coming days in Montreux, Switzerland. Why do we implant bags of silicone in our bodies, with all the recent controversies to reconstruct breasts after cancer surgery or for cosmetic augmentation purposes, when we could use our own excess fat instead? In fact cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons have wanted to do exactly that for many years and enabling this simple goal, will usher in a completely new era of regenerative plastic surgery.

The technique of lipo-filling is widely used throughout the world today by an ever increasing number of plastic surgeons for a variety of cosmetic applications and involves lipo-suction of small fat clusters from one part of the body and reinjection, after purification, in another. Despite ever increasing usage and improvements of these techniques and all the positive advantages that come with using one’s own fat tissue, including the elimination of immunosuppressive drugs, the fact that often as much as 50 – 60% of fat transferred re-absorbs within 6 to 12 months post implantation, remains. One major reason for this is the lack of blood supply in the fat graft and therefore growing blood vessels, or neo-angiogenesis, is a key focus of research today.

It turns out, for instance, that our own fat contains one of the largest and most easily accessible sources of patient-own adult stem cells which, when isolated, purified and concentrated with modern technology and mixed back with the fat graft, have been shown to help in the process of growing new blood vessels to keep the graft alive.

“It is hard to say how far away this new dramatic revolution in tissue replacement will be, but we are getting ever closer and, once we are able to unlock the secret of neo-angiogenesis, the gates to the creation of patient-own fat grafts will be widely opened, ushering in a whole new era of tissue transplantation” says Phillip Blondeel, professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery and chairman of the G20 Forum for regenerative plastic surgery to be held in Montreux, Switzerland on 3rd and 4th September.

The G20 forum (www.G20regenerativeplasticsurgery.com) is bringing together world leading surgeons and researchers to review status of knowledge and create practical clinical and scientific research collaborations to accelerate adoption into clinical practice.

“At the end of this meeting we will have clearer idea just how long it will take to crack the code of complex cellular signalling processes involved in stabilizing fat grafts.” says Michael Joos, group director of Avance Medical, a European cell-technologies company and major sponsor of the event “and we are proud to work together with the forward thinking team led by Dr. Adrian Heini at Clinic La Prairie to host this important event.”

Olympic hopeful treated with PRP

Press Releases

Olympic Hopeful Finds Success with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy aka P.R.P. to Treat Chronic Achilles Tendonitis

Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dr. Bill Releford Successfully Treats Chronic Achilles Tendonitis and Retrocalcaneal Bursitis with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (P.R.P.) in Olympic Hopeful Antonette Carter

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) May 22, 2012

Dr. Bill J. Releford, DPM, medical director and founder of the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute, announced today that usage of platelet rich plasma therapy (P.R.P.) can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic achilles tendonitis and retrocalcaneal bursitis. The patient was treated with a series of two injections of platelet rich plasma therapy ( P.R.P.) over a four week period.

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